KaiOS base image consists of a custom build kernel, busybox, dropbear, and a initramfs. The goal of this project is to make a small scale PXE or USB bootable OS that is light weight and fast. Designed for small scale custom projects, appliances and other embedded systems. KaiOS runs on x86 hardware and is 14Mb in size.

Over the past year, I have developed a small bootable USB stick using KaiOS and ClamAV automatically connect to the internet, download the latest antivirus definitions, and scan your PC. It creates a virus vault, moves your non critical infected PC files to the fault for protection. Infected files can be removed automatically or manually. I will be releasing an USB image free and open source. KaiOS Antivirus USB stick is now available for purchase for $19.99 CDN including world wide shipping.

KaiOS version 3.0 is now available via USB purchase. The update include both x86 and amd64 support. ARM and MIPS support coming soon.

  • Open Source initramfs
  • 14Mb size
  • PXE bootable
  • Light weight
  • x86 compatible
  • Full featured customizable 3.17.0  64-bit kernel
  • Busybox
  • OpenSSH server/client
  • udhcpc (DHCP Client)

ATTENTION: Please note this is not the same KaiOS that is being used on mobile devices. The KaiOS that is found on mobile devices is a port of Firefox OS and has is unrelated to this project. Please do not contact me requesting support for mobile devices.