KaiOS Linux 4.0 Server Edition Coming Soon

On May 20th, 2020 it has been announced that a new KaiOS 4.0 server edition will be released early fall 2020. This will be released for x86, amd64 and ARM architecture. It will no longer require PXE booting and fully install able. A pre-built Open Virtualization Appliance images will be released as well in order to take advantage of running KaiOS in a virtual machine.

Some of the new features will include the following:

  • Open SSH server/client
  • NFS server/client
  • IP tables firewall
  • Anti-virus scanning
  • Web server
  • DHCP server/client
  • Sendmail server
  • IMAP server
  • DNS server
  • Packet manager for easy application installation
  • Upgradable with backward compatibility including a long time support cycle (LTS)

KaiOS Linux will continue to be a minimal Linux distribution that can be scale from small to large infrastructures. The goal is to have a small, clean and safe environment while maintaining 100% open source. Let’s make KaiOS a leader in small, micro Linux user space.

*Estimated release date will be mid September, 2020.